ice queen
04 January 2013 @ 11:18 am
made for twitter which is why they're each 128x128 (it looks empty to me in 245x245) but feel free to resize them to 100x100 or any size you prefer! it's been a while since i last color icons and honestly HOW DO YOU MAKE IT LOOK GOOD? HOW DO YOU COLOR? is what i had in mind when i colored SDR2 sprites or... when i make icons so i hope they look ok! also the colors on my laptop is a bit weird so it might not look the same on your monitor ;_;

as for the sprite rip, i got it on tumblr and unfortunately didn't reblog or like the post so it's lost... but i still have it and if you want me to reupload it just let me know! but keep in ind the sprite rips contains SPOILER BIG SPOILER for DR and SDR2 and you probably don't want to DL it if you plan on reading the LP without being spoiled. rest assured this post doesn't contain any spoilers (actually, a very minor one but it's not an important to the plot at all). i can upload a certain character sprites for you and separate the spoiler and non-spoiler one if you want!

also i have psds ready for some characters (komaeda, nanami, kuzuryuu, and spoiler character) but IDK ABOUT THE COLORING but if you like them anyway let me know and i'll icon their sprites too!

EDIT: added kazuryuu. spoiler-free and it's all 240x240 so, perfect for twitter! but i'm not sure about the coloring... and unlike souda's, i didn't include the extras (his underwear etc) because it'd be too small and his other extras are too spoiler-y, i'm afraid.

and onto the icons.

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ice queen
22 December 2011 @ 11:44 am

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